Owners Introduction To The Table Mountain Oregon Nepheline
Claim Holder : Barry Murray macandmurray@gmail.com
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As longtime claim holders of the nepheline prospect at Table Mountain in Lincoln County Oregon we have complied much expert documentation of this "space age" ore that is called the "Swiss Army Knife" of minerals. (See the PDF reports)

The Table Mountain Nepheline deposit is unique in a number of different ways. It is one of only 5 known nepheline syenite deposits in North America.

Recently we were approached by a large rock wool company that wanted a very large sample for a new and unique rock wool that they were testing. We were not able at that time to provide the size sample that they needed so they got it from the Unimin corporation. I heard from the company and their tests were very positive for the new product.

We have also been privy to much of the latest research conducted with nepheline, as we have sent countless, requested packages of nepheline samples to researchers all over the world.

Nepheline Mixed With Polymers Research:
oregon nepheline

Although the consulting geologist, who was commissioned to do a geological study of the Table Mountain nepheline prospect, did a good job of fact finding, he did not include the use of nepheline mixed with polymers.

This nepheline/polymer research is the most exciting of all the research, to us. Here is where we believe that nepheline could change the world...including holdingmanyanswers for the worldwide climatic change problems.

Nepheline/Polymer Housing Hexa Blocks:
David Zornes, of Redmond WA, Founder and CEO of Critical Point Energy, LLC and a researcher at the University of Washington, was supplied with enough nepheline ore from our Table Mountain quarry to produce his patented Hexa Blocks, snap together housing blocks (pictured here) with a nepheline/polymer substance. He did not have to remove the iron from our nepheline ore to make these blocks.

We saw and handled these Hexa Blocks made from our nepheline ore and was amazed at how light weight they were. Both sides of the 24 inch blocks were made of solid nepheline/polymer substance sandwiching an inner core of the same nepheline/polymer substance but foamed. We were told that these blocks has an extreme insulation value. They are fireproof, able to withstand hurricane force winds, and were almost virtually indestructible.

The people we were working with on these blocks tried to break one with a huge sledge hammer to no avail. A good part of these patented housing blocks is that a house could be constructed in just a few days.

Nepheline/Polymer Coolers & Containers:
Now imagine this same sandwiched nepheline/polymer substance used in coolers say in Africa or India, where over one half of their food is lost by spoilage. These extremely insulated coolers could be outfitted with a small solar panel that could run a cooling system.

Used to make semi-truck beds, railroad cars, and cargo containers for the transportation of perishables would save huge amounts of power.

Solid Nepheline/Polymer Uses:
The solid sheet of nepheline/polymer (1/2 inch thick) was shown to us when Barry was asked to hold his hand on one side while the researcher applied a blowtorch to the other side. Barry felt no heat transfer. As this nepheline/polymer starts as a liquid and can be molded, think of the possible uses. Molded into fireproof, insulated boat hulls, lightweight bulletproof armor for tanks, planes, HumVees, railroad coal cars, heat shields for space shuttles, and the list of possibilities goes on and on.

In this direction we have sent requested samples of our nepheline ore to Kristina Banks, Composite Project Assistant, for the Martin Marietta Company, Composite Division, that has a large research and development section for polymer railroad cars, truck beds, etc.

Also we sent requested samples of our nepheline ore to Patrick C. Wernett, Ph.D., Director of Performance Minerals Research and Development Department for Minerals Technologies Inc. Dr. Wernett's special field of interest is in the nepheline/polymer research.

We also sent a large requested nepheline sample to Dr. Yindong Yang, a researcher for the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. University of Toronto, Canada, for his experiments using nepheline ore in the steel making process.

Nepheline/Polymer Nuclear Waste Containers:
We have sent two samples to scientists working in the nuclear energy field that were experimenting with the nepheline/polymers to make nuclear waste containers. In this day of alternate energy sources if we could solve the problem of safely storing the waste from nuclear energy plants by using nepheline/polymer waste containers that would make this a better world. These nuclear researchers told us that nuclear waste containers made with the nepheline/polymers reacted like a self-sealing tire, in that if there was a leak the substance would gel and re-seal itself.

As you can see the nepheline/polymer use would need to have lots of research and development (R&D) devoted to it.

Our suggestion would be for a production partner or owner to start the mining process by quarrying the nepheline as dimensional stone and use the waste from the dimensional stone mining to develop the nepheline/polymer uses.

Iron Removal From The Table Mountain Nepheline Ore:
See the newest iron removal technology from the UK being successfully used on a nepheline mine in Iran that has almost identical mineral composition as our Table Mountain nepheline ore. See the article at: CLICK HERE

Although the Table Mountain nepheline ore is higher in iron than what some uses require, there has been much research done in its removal.

The Russians have been the worlds leaders in nepheline and its uses since World War II. They do have the technology to remove the iron in an economical way and the technology can be licensed from them. We supplied Table Mountain nepheline ore to Victor Lygach of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) who is the Director of the Institute of Mineral Resources. the top scientist in Russia on separation of iron from Nepheline syenite (NS) and he had no problem with removing the iron with his technology. The Russians have also used nepheline in the production of aluminum for many years and have used nepheline in their cars catalytic converters.

There has also been success in removing iron from nepheline ore by grinding it down to minus 235 and then blowing it through a magnetic field. Hanna Nickle was one source that explained this to Table Mountain owner Barry Murray. They used Table Mt. nepheline in their experiments. A higher refined grade of nepheline brings a much higher price in the world market. This process also ends up with salable iron as a by-product which is a much sought after mineral product these days.

A research metallurgist told us that the iron was involved in the matrix of the ore. He ground it to minus 235, added liquid and moved it across an electro-magnetic field and was successful in removing the iron and again ended up with salable iron as a bi-product.

A Chinese company recently took samples of nepheline from our deposit and had the following results: Using different technical solutions to remove the iron, sample 1 they could remove 63%,  sample 2 they could remove 67%, sample 3 they could remove 70% and sample 4 they could remove 75% of the iron.

These are only a few of the known and researched ways  for nepheline syenite ore to be utilized. With this Table Mountain nepheline deposit being such a large deposit with a measured ore body of 700 million tons as measured by the USGS, it could bring a great economical boost to the State of Oregon and Lincoln County.

Claim Holder : Barry Murray macandmurray@gmail.com

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